At the start of the Cruise Industry in the Maldives, Canopus Maldives made its first steps with two Luxury Liveaboards or ‘safari boats’ called Dhinasha and Orca. The experience of discovering Maldives onboard a vessel became an instant success with both Tour Operators and Tourists. The boats did Surfing, Diving, and Cruising trips and other services like Island Hopping, Barbeque on Uninhabited Island, onboard games and others. The 7 cabin cruise boat, Orca, was sold off late 2007.

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Realizing the tremendous increasing demand for Real Estate in the capital city, Male’, the company invested a lot of resources in developing the current Canopus Residence at G.Maavehi. The project has surpassed the company’s highest expectation and has encouraged the company to create a new division in the company under the brand name Canopus Residences.

Canopus Residence Maavehi, caters to companies who are looking for accommodation for their expat staff working in the capital city Male. We have 10 apartment units with 2 rooms and 1 penthouse with 3 bed room. Our building is location in a very ideal location in Male which is both peaceful and convenient.

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The rapid growth of Canopus Travel & Tours led to the formation of a new company, Akquasun Canopus Maldives, in 2012. Akquasun Canopus Maldives (ACM) is a joint venture between Akquasun Group and Canopus Maldives. Akquasun is a Global Destination Management Company based in Mumbai and has a network of DMC’s that cater mainly to Indian, Chinese, Russian and Middle Eastern travelers through their own sales networks.
We provide a range of inbound travel services in the Maldives and are proud to represent several international organizations as their General Sales Agent (GSA) in the Maldives. Our business model is purely B2B and our service include:

our service include


Under the Canopus Retreat segment the company has focused on development of boutique hotels. The company has already completed a 11 room hotel in Hulhumale in 2009. Currently the guesthouse is managed by under the name “Hulhumale Inn”. In 2014, the company purchased land in Thulusdhoo to build a 24 room guesthouse. The company also plans to build a 3rd guesthouse in Hanimaadhoo.

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About Us

Established in 1997, Canopus Maldives took its first steps in the Maldives tourism industry with two luxury cruise boats, Dhinasha and Orca. Over the years the company has spread out its activities in the tourism industry by expanding into the hotel business and also starting a Destination Management Company (DMC) under a separate company, Akquasun Canopus Maldives. The company has also diversified outside of Tourism industry into the Real Estate business.

Investing Opportunities

Canopus Maldives believes that carefully selected, high-quality investment provides attractive returns. We understand that the right partner is key to successful business expansion and new business ventures. Our aim to provide our shareholders and partners above-market returns while helping limit risk over the long term.
We welcome investors who are committed, consistent and disciplined to talk with us with their business proposals.

Please find below our upcoming projects

Canopus Retreat Thulusdhoo

Opening in 2015, our Thulusdhoo property will be a 24 room beach front hotel. The island of Thulusdhoo has huge potential for development of hotels. It is just 30 mins from Male international airport by speedboat making the transfer cost minimal. It has world class famous Surfing points next the island.

Canopus Retreat Hanimaadhoo

Our future project includes developing our 4000sq feet beach front property in Hanimaadhoo. Hanimaadhoo is the North most airport island of Maldives and is planned to be an integral part of the northern hub of Maldives. It is the access point to nearby resorts which includes Island Hideaway at Dhonakulhi and J Resorts Alidhoo.


Our success is based on the exceptional quality of our people and their continuous effort. We are continuously looking for an experienced individual to join our vibrant growing team in the field of finance, admin, marketing and business development.

Current Vacancies

We will be listing below our current vacancies.

Management Team

Our company success is based on the exceptional quality of our team and their continuous effort. The Executive Board consolidates a team of qualified personalities from diverse fields with several years of experience. And under the guidance of the Executive Board is a professional team of associates engaged in day to- day management activities. Our team of over thirty associates are empowered, efficient and combines the right ingredients necessary for success.

Mr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan
Founder and Chairman

Mr. Waheed began his professional career at a very early age, at the State Trading Organization Plc. (STO), where he quickly rose through the ranks with his hard work and determination. After a number of successful years in this organization, he left the public sector and founded Canopus Maldives Pvt Ltd in the 1990’s. The principle activity of the company at the introduction stage involved building a luxury yacht, and he was among the pioneers of the budding modern-liveaboard industry of Maldives. Following the success which came from the liveaboard sector, he later diversified the company into real estate and hotel segments.

Mr. Ahmed Afrah
Managing Director

Mr. Afrah completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Marketing in 2005, after which he joined Canopus Maldives Pvt Ltd in 2006. Since then, he has played a pivotal role in the company’s growth, particularly in developing a partnership with the global destination management company Akquasun Group to form Akquasun Canopus Maldives Pvt Ltd. He has over 10 years’ experience in the tourism industry and especially the liveaboard industry. As a founding member and executive board member of Liveaboard Association of Maldives, he actively works in developing this sector. In addition to this, Mr. Afrah has completed his Masters’ Degree in International Business from Monash University, and has widened his professional scope through his efforts as a board member of the Privatization, Corporatization, Monitoring and Evaluation Board of Maldives.

Mr. Abdulla Farrah

Mr. Farrah completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information from City University, Malaysia, after which he worked in a multinational enterprise, during which he gained extensive experience in business information systems. Following this, he joined Canopus Maldives Pvt Ltd in 2013, where he currently manages the Operations and Administration Function across all the units under Canopus Maldives Pvt Ltd and Canopus Akquasun Maldives Pvt Ltd.

Ismail Mifrah

Mr. Mifrah completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Master’s Degree in Technology Management from Staffordshire University. Since joining Canopus Maldives Pvt Ltd in 2010, he has played a key role in the Company’s development across all segments, particularly in developing a partnership with the global destination management company Akquasun Group to form Canopus Maldives Pvt. Ltd.’s sister company Akquasun Canopus Maldives Pvt Ltd. Mr. Mifrah brings years of experience and knowledge to this company, through his work at State Trading Organization Plc. He currently oversees the IT function across all our operations and is involved in the business development and new ventures of the company.

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